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I have now been working for four weeks...

and have no idea how I'm gonna last another nine or ten... :[

The weather is still nice here, sunny and warm. But the nights are getting colder.. I thought I got it, but I didn't after all, the weather in Australia is sooo strange!

But I'm not complaining!!! Not at all, Norway in the winter is horrible in comparison.

And being in Airlie is at least relaxing. I don't worry about a thing. I spend my days working and night reading, getting to know new people or partying. When I have a day off, I have found some good spots to bring my mp3 and my book. I prefer to be all alone and chill, just me and my thoughts, and sometimes I get to watch some of the most beautiful sunsets I have ever seen. Like today. I have pictures, but I have to look at them on a computer or something first to see if they're any good.

I know my sister think I take to many scenic photos, and too many animalpictures.. But the nature and wildlife here is so beautiful and so different from home I can't help myself..

I will, however, try harder to take some different ones, envolving people and things we do... Just for you sis, cause I love you! ;)

And staying in a place like this gives you an opportunity to meet a lot of people, there's so many people passing through. The downside of course is that they all leave after a while..
But it's worth it... :)

Now I'm going to have my free dinner at Morocco's!

And by the way, I'm back to working only in housekeeping again. Em is working in the laundry with two of our roomies. We moved in to a proper staff room now and share with another English girl and a couple from Ireland. They're all very nice!! So you're never lonely, hehe..

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The Cleaner

who is bored out of her wits...


Airlie beach is not the biggest place on earth, and not the most interesting unfortunately..

If you're not full of cash, have a car or a lot of friends, it's really not much to do here...

So I don't really have a lot to tell..

My job is ok, though. I'd never thought I'd like to be a cleaner, but it isn't that bad actually. I work with different people every day and in different rooms, so the days pass fairly quick. We usually finish at about three, so we still have time to go to the lagoon if it's not raining. Which is what I've done today!

And every now and then some nice people move in to our room, and we make some new friends.

At the moment Tiril is visiting, and that is SOOOO nice! It's good to have someone "from home" to talk to. We didn't know eachother for a long time before we left, but it's still nice. She's going back to Norway soon, and I kinda envy her, but on the other hand I'm not nearly ready to go home just yet. I like Australia.. hehe..

And I really love travelling. I'd just love to go on a four month world tour or something to Asia, South America, Cuba and so on... Not alone though.. But that would be great fun!

Well.. My mind just went blank.. I haven't done much lately, cause I still haven't got my first paycheck, it's due tomorrow..
So we'll see if I'm up to some fun later on, hahaha!

Hope you're all having a great summer, I'm having the best winter ever! It's warmer here at the moment than in Oslo... ;)

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I got a job!!

..still in Airlie..


So, I have been in Airlie for nearly two weeks. Em and I have walked the streets up and down a houndred times.. That's what it feels like anyway.. Looking for work, asked around everywhere, even McDonalds! Noone can say that I didn't try!
Finally we got a job at the resort where we stay. We're supposed to clean rooms for food and accomodation, pluss a few dollars a week. Not great, but not bad either. We start tomorrow.
It's 8 hours a day, 5 days a week and we start at 9. I can live with that..

At least money will not only go out of my account, but finally in as well! I need to save up a bit before we continue north. There's still Magnetic island, Cape Tribulation (Great Barrier Reef meets the Rainforest), diving and much more to explore! Hehe..

Have to mention that I'm officially addicted to Nando's chicken. And Dad, you'd be proud of me, I love corn on a cob!!! I'd eat corn every day if I could.. With butter, salt and pepper.. Mmmmm...

And I should also thank Em for looking after me.. She's banned me from touching animals.. And other stuff that live in the wild.. A few days ago we were out clubbing.. I have to admit that I had consumed a few jugs of cider at this point.. I went to the bus stop to say goodbyu to a friend who was leaving. To get there you have to cross through a small park. And so I did, and I saw this cuddly little animal crawl up a tree.. I thought it looked like the racoon from Pocahontas,Miko, and thought I'd go over and pet him.. (I might have been spending too much time socialising with wild animals in parks...) Well, anyway, he sat at the bottom of the tree and kinda waited for me to come over, so I bent down and pettet him. Not a good idea.. He grabbed my arm and bit me!!!! How rude! Later I found out that it wasn't the racoon from Pocahontas, but an Australian possum... Therefore, I am not allowed to touch.. And lucky she did say that, cause the other day while I was brushing my teeth, I saw a lizzard or a gekko or something on the wall and nearly tried to pet that too, but remembered Em's words.. Luckily.. I don't think it could harm me, but evidently I could've harmed it... Ops..

There is a huge lizzard (guana, I think it's called) right where we live. It's 1 1/2 meter long and very ugly. I came out of my room the other day, and there it was, just two metres away from me. They're not even scared! So I feel that I live in the bush..

Well. Enough talk of animals. Just a little more.. I have sent a picture of me and Lizzie (my horse from coyboy school) to Kaare and Dorothy with a postcard telling them what I've been doing lately. I have also sent pictures to my grandparents. So they can see for themselves that I'm still alive and doing fine, hehe..

That's it for now. I'll be back when I have more stories to tell...


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Airlie Beach

& the Whitsundays

I can't believe how much there is to see in this country, and how much fun you can have seeing it!
I came back from my sailing trip two days ago and again I wished I could have stayed longer. The Whitsundays are beautiful.. We were on a boat called Boomerang, alltogether 27 backpackers and four crew. Very different from the Fraser trip, but just as good. The first day we went snorkelling. There were so many fish there, unbelieveble! And they were too accustomed to people, they were nibbeling my hands and feet, they were surrounding me! That was actually a bit freaky...
But the next morning we went snorkelling again somewhere else, and that was amazing! I saw some huge fish...
Later that day we went to Whitehaven beach.. So pretty.. It reminded me a bit of Gramvousa on Crete, but bigger.. At night Ben and Snowey played guitar and sang Irish drinking songs and a lot more. It was such a nice trip.


Carina the Skipper.. hehe

Back in Airlie we all went out to Beaches in the night. Had such a good time.. We were a good team on that boat, hehe.

Airlie beach is a nice little town full of backpackers. I'll look for work here, would like to stay for longer. And besides, I need cash now...

I'm sitting in a travel agancy at the moment and thery're closing, so I'll write the rest later...

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Fraser Island

& Rainbow Beach

Now I am in Rainbow Beach at a Dingo hostel, hehe.. Just came back from Fraser island. Wow, that was fun!!

I wish I could show you all pictures now, but I have them only on my camera... And by the way, I'm fine, but there's no reception here, so my phone is pretty much dead.. I didn't realize until it was too late to tell anyone about it. Today we're heading for Airlie beach to go on a sailing trip on the Withsundays, so I might not have reception there either. So don't worry if you can't get a hold of me, I'm alright. I travel with nice people. Em is still with me, and we've met up with two Norwegian guys, three Danish guys, four Irish and two English. All very nice. We all went to Fraser toghether and had a blast!

We left the hostel in four Jeeps carrying about 11 people each on Friday morning.

This is what we drove

First we went along the beach ( which is the closest thing you come to a road) and then in to the middle of the island to swim in Lake MacKenzie. Unbelievably beautiful!
Then we continued north and camped on the beach. No toilets or any fancy things, and we were on the worlds largest sand island, I guess I don't have to tell you that it was a lot of sand everywhere... Absolutely everywhere.. I have eaten and drunk sand for three days..

Saturday we went to Lake Wabby, which is a half hour walk on a sandblow. The water is green and not one bit transparant. You can't see anything! Well, we saw some huge fishes swimming close to the surface along the shore line... So I didn't stay in the water for a long time... I probably wouldn't have gone in at all if it wasn't for the fact that Em pushed me in..

Me on my way back from the lake

Then we drove up to Indian Head, a little hill where you can see sharks swimming around below you, if you're lucky.. Hehe..
We weren't..
So we went back a bit to the Maheno ship wreck and set up camp there. Still no fancy pancy camp site, just us and the sand.. But by now we were pretty much used to it, so.. And we brought enough goon (cheapest white wine that you can get, only 9 dollars/45 kroner for 4 litres) to keep us drunk the whole three days, so it wasn't really a problem anyways, hehe.
I have become a true camper. Can't remember if I changed clothes at all during those three days, but at least we swam in the lakes, so we weren't that dirty.. ;)

Maheno chip wreck


The beach... Does anyone envy me just a little...? Hehe..

Look in front of you for meeting cars, people, animals and creeks. Look behind you for overtaking cars.
Look above you for landing aircrafts! This beach is also a landing strip...

The final day was just spent chilling out on the beach near Eli creek. Very good trip, recommendable!

So now I', sitting here in Rainbow beach waiting for my bus to take me to Airlie beach. The boat to the Whitsundays leave Wednesday morning. I think I'm back on Friday, but I don't really remember. After that it's job hunting time..

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Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary

Forgot to write about the koala sanctuary... Em, Heidi and I went there when we were in Brisbane. The main goal was to hug a koala, since we couldn't do that in Sydney...
So off we went to find a bus. It was about twelve o'clock, as usual we were off a bit late.. :) Can't be bothered to get out of ben too early you know, hehe.
Anyway. We couldn't find our bus stop so we went to an information center.. Nice.. The lady sent us to the wrong stop and that really pissed me off! Why can't people listen??!!! *@#^$%!!!
The park was really nice though, I was worth the long bus ride. Anyway, Heidi does so many strange things that listening to her all the way is entertainment enough!

We ended up not hugging any koalas, we just petted them, but Heidi got to hold a tiny crocodile, so she was satisfied at least, hehe. The best part was feeding the kangaroos. You get a bag of pellets and go up to them, sit down or whatever and they'll eat off your hand! Amazing! I love roos!

Nice koala

Little chicken, sit still while I hug you!

Roo eating off my hand

The rest was just ok, nothing really interesting. We saw dingoes, but now I have seen them live in the wild on Fraser Island and that was much nicer. They look very different from those in the park, smaller and darker. I think I got some good pictures. I'll get them on cd later on.

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Harbour Bridge

I found my car!!

Bondi Beach


Hugging a sheep at Taronga Zoo

Operahouse by night

Smirnoff ice on a can!! Unbelieveble..

Farm girl

Ice heart..


Hanging Rock


Tewantin caravan park (we did not go to Noosa on our way to Rainbow beach, but to Tewantin, wow what a great place! Not...)

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Brisbane & Byron Bay

We left Tamworth last Saturday evening and arrived in Brisbane Sunday morning. Nice way to save some money, didn't have to pay for a hostel that night.

Brisbane is nice, but in a way it's just another city. We stayed at a place called the Palace and in the basement was a bar called the Downunder bar. That place was packed every night. It's unbelieveble how some places are crowded with people all the time and others are completly empty no matter how good thay are! Strange..
I met up with Heidi and it was really good to see her again. I haven't met any other Norwegians. But a lot of Germans, Irish, English, Dutch and Danish!

17 of May was spent half the day in Brisbane and the other half in Byron Bay. So unfortunately I missed the parade.. :(

So now I'm in Byron Bay. It's a surf town full of backpackers and the atmosphere really reflects that. We're staying at a place called the Arts Factory. Palm trees everywhere and a pool with a hot tub in it! Nice...

Last night went out to a bar to celebrate the Norwegian Independece Day. They had a didgeridoo contest (it's that long, wooden instrument that aboriginals play that sounds really strange) and everyone was dancing on the tables.
Today we tried to go to the beach, which is really beautiful, but the weather is a bit strange here, one moment it's nice and sunny, the next it's pooring down!! Crazy! That's why I left Norway!
Tomorrow I might go to a massage class to learn how to rub a body the right way.. Hehe..

I'll probably head back to Brisbane on Saturday.. And then keep going north. Em (an English girl I travel with) and I would like to go to Fraser Island on a kind of a JeepSafari and then most likely do a boat trip on the Withsundays. Maybe get a job on a boat for a few weeks, we'll see.

I'll keep posting stuff here to keep you up to date, but I don't know how often I'll be near a computer.. More pictures will come it's just a hassel to find a computer that I can upload them..

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Jillaroo school

Well, I'm just back from 11 days of cowgirl school on a farm called Leconfield. It's close to Tamworth which is about 7 hours north of Sydney. It's been good fun, but crazy cold in the nights! This is not what I came to Australia for...And there was no internet connection up there or mobile phone coverage.. Oh my.. Strange to feel so cut off from the rest of the world. But now I'm back at the civilization and it feels good although I feel really dirty. Can't wait to find a room and take a warm shower..

We have just been offered a job picking cotton, but I don't know whaat I'd do, it's really cold here, and I'd really like to go a bit north.. Hmm... I got another job offer making beds at a hotel on the Whitsundays... What to do, what to do...

The cowboy school was fun though. I have done so many funny things I never thought I'd do. I have been hand milking a cow..
Sheered a sheep (that is to shave their wool off), I have shoed a horse! And earmarked a calf.. I can't remember everything at the moment, but I have sent in my pictures, so later I'll see if I can put some on this page..

first time I've lassoed a cotton seed bag..

My mail is fine, it was just some problems in Sydney, so you can keep sending me mails, I'll answer as soon as I can find the time! And I really enjoy reading news from home!!

Gotto go.. Write more again later.


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Taronga Zoo!


A few days ago was ANZAC day. It is a memorial day for the Australian and New Zealand soldiers who died on a turkish beach during WWII. We got up at four a.m. and witnessed the morning service, then we went to Taronga zoo. We saw coalas, kangaroos, lions, snakes and heaps more.. Fun! I have a lot of pictures now, had to buy a new memory ard, but I still haven't got any of them developed, so still no pictures to send ya.. Sorry.. They'll come later on.

Yesterday was raining, so not much to do... We could of course do loads of stuff, but not in the mood.. So at night we just went for a walk down the harbour. It's really beautiful at night.

Today was laundry day! Tonight we'll probably go out.. Gotto see a bit more og the Sydney night life while we're here!

I still have problems with my hotmail.. I keep getting thrown out! I'll see what I can do to get it sorted out.. It seems to be my problem only.. #@%^@%#!$!! I'll go mad if I can't "fix" it. We'll just have to see.

I've talked to my relatives, so they'll come pick me up on the train station on saturday. Hope they like the Norwegian coasters (I don't know how to spell that..) that I got them! I'm nearly finished reading Paolo Coelho's "Veronica wants to die", so I'll leave it for them to read, it's in Norwegian...

Ah, and we had Jarlsberg for breakfast today!!! Produced in Oslo! We're so lucky..


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