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Second last day of the year

in Darwin

34 °C

At least I found out what I wanted to do.. I went back to Darwin. I have lots of really good friends here and I got my old job back straight away.

I left Townsville and my dear friend Andrew in the beginning of December. Got a ride with a truckie, Allister. The trip took almost four days. We stopped in Charters Towers, Heugeden, Mt. Isa, Three Ways, Tennent Creek, Katherine, Tipperary (cattle) station, Adelaide river and a few other places before Darwin.

He is a really nice bloke and I had such a good time. I really enjoyed driving a road train.

We stopped in Adelaide river so that I got to see the buffalo that was in one of the Crocodile Dundee movies, Charlie.

In Darwin I got my job back and started the next day. One of my best friends up here has gone south so everything feels a bit different, but I'm getting used to it now. Making more friends and new memories..

I pretty much just hang out at the pub or with people I've met at the pub. I prefer that. Can't stand all the people in the city.

Now it's the day before newyearseve and I'm with Heidi in Palmerston. Tomorrow I'm actually working.. Hopefully we'll finish pretty early so that I can go out for a bit.

This computer can't find my camera, so no pics this time.. :(

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Where to next?

As I'm writing this I'm in Mission beach. Yup, back again. But not very long. Leaving tomorrow, going back to Townsville. Which is where I came from on Tuesday.

After spending a couple of days in Victoria, Andrew and I flew to Townsville on Wednesday. The next day we drove back to Airlie beach to catch up with friends. It wasn't quite what we'd expected, but I had a really good weekend. It was all different now that there were so many new people and very few of the old that we used to know. But on the other hand, it was like we'd never left. Strange...
Saturday we went out and had a really good time. The wolfjuice might have had something to do with that, hehe. It's a dangerous mix of vodka, redbears, redbull and cheap white wine..
Sunday was spent by the pool or in the shower. Very hot day.. It was a very good, lazy sunday. Especially after having eaten the biggest brekky of my life, the so-called "fat-boy-breakfast", which consisted of steak, bacon, sausages, eggs and veggies.

After the weekend we haeded back to Townsville and stayed there for a couple of days. I was supposed to go to Mission on Tuesday and stay a while, but it seems that there will be a change of plans since my friend up here suddenly got a girlfriend, and then it feels a bit awkward to move up here..

So now I'm back to scratch not knowing where to go next. But that really doesn't bother me cause I've got friends in so many places I'm spoiled. All I have to figure out is which place I'd rather be.. So I'm giving myself till after this weekend to come up with some sort of plan..

It's all good. Plans change all the time. It's part of what I like about travelling, the freedom to do exactly what you want, when you want.
So now I'm going to take some "me-time" and see what my gut feeling tells me, hehe.

Hope everyone is enjoying this pre-Christmas-holiday time, and I hope you get lots of nice, white snow back home!
The wheather here doesn't give me any Christmas feeling at all, so I actually envy you a bit.. But just a little bit. ;)

Take care!!

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Tour d'Pappa!

Leaving Darwin was hard, I really liked it there and I miss all my friends..

But my dad was coming over so I had to fly down to Melbourne to meet him.
Wow, it was cold down south! I got a cold that I'm still trying to get rid of..

But the bonus was seing daddy, and that was fun!
He had brought birthday presents for me! Thank you all!!
I got a new camera, and I took about 300 pictures while we were travelling 'round the south. But I forgot the cable so I can't upload them at the moment. :(

First thing we did was fly to Tassie!! Great little island. We flew to Hobart and went to a winery, the Cadbury chocolate factory.. Mmmm.. And drove to Ross where we spent the night.The Man'O'Ross hotel is a really nice pub, I think my dad wished he could stay there for the whole stay, hehe..

But the next day we had to keep driving, had a tight scedule. We went to a wildlife park close to Launceston to see the Tasmanian Devil! And then we watched the V8 car race until I got hayfever... (It suchs to be allergic..)

The last day we wanted to see a bit of the Tasmanian wilderness.. But the fog put a stop to that, so all we saw were the signs pointing towards the lookouts..

Ah well, Tassie is beautiful, and I would love to go camping there some time.. Maybe next trip.

Back in Melbourne we rented a car and headed for South Australia. We stopped in Apollo Bay before the Great Apostels and in Mount Gambier before we went to some fossil caves in Naracoorte.
After that we took the inland road down to Melbourne again, which we drove straight through. We stopped in Traralgon to say hi to Andrew and then spent the night in Maffra at Helen and Robert's farm. They are truly lovely people!

Next day we headed for the Snowy mountains. We stopped in Jindabyne and drove up the mountains to see Australia's tallest mountain: Mt. Kosiouzco. (Don't know if I spelled that right, but it doesn't really matter..)
We went to the Snowy River festival and watched some horsemanship and Stockman's challenge. (Basically people riding horses, cracking whips, saddeling their horses and that kind of stuff.)

We've been to Canberra and saw the new parliament building, but that wasn't too exciting so we kept on driving towards Sydney.

My birthday was spent in Sydney, at the Aquarium and Darling Harbour. In the evening my dad took me to the operahouse to see a ballet, it was a really, really good day! Tusen takk pappa!

The next few days were spent i bit north of Sydney, we went swimming at Killcare beach so that my dad got to swim in the Pacific and watched the surfers..

Before we headed back to Melbourne again we went up in Sydney Tower and took a tour in the harbour on a jet boat, good fun!

We stopped along the way at Birldland wildlife park and got to hold a big snake and a cuddely wombat! We stopped at for luch at Helen and Robert's again and my dad dropped me off at Andrew's in Traralgon.

Altogheter we drove more than 800km on Tassie and more than 4000 on the mainland! Unreal! I don't have to say that we saw a lot and had a lot of fun!

Thanks to everyone for remembering my birthday! Some of the messages was real unexpected, I can't believe you remembered! But they all warmed my heart. I miss you all!

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I finally found a pot of gold!

working as a barmaid in Darwin...

sunny 36 °C

At the moment I'm working as a barmaid in Darwin in the Northern Territory.

I work at a workers pub right outside the city centre. It looks a bit dodgy, but the people here are wonderful. I've met so many nice people it will be really hard to leave..

I try to get around a bit on my days off, but you really need a car to get anywhere nice, so I've only been out of town once.
Although I have been "pub-crawling" in town.. Fun, but I like staying at the pub better!

Next Sunday Heidi and I have got the day off to do something togheter before I head south to meet my dad. So hopefully her boyfriend will take us and some friends to Litchfield national park and then do a barbie later.. Can't wait!

Gotto go, I'm on my boss' computer and I don't want him to get cranky cause I'm occupying his office too long! ;)


(A "pot" is a small glass (a scooner is a big glass, kinda like a "halvliter" in Norway) and "gold" is the short term used to describe the beer called XXXX Gold... You should hear all the short terms they've got for their beers in this country, hehe: green cans, red stubbies and pots of gold..)

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Up the West coast

from Perth to Broome

Unfortunately, I only had one day in Perth, I was in a hurry to get up to Darwin to see Heidi and start making some money again...

So I hopped on a bus to Broome. It took 7 days and it was truly amazing..
Had a really nice driver, Sandy, and she'd brought along her crazy 16-year old daughter, Tanae. Or 10A as I call her, hehe.

The bus left Perth early in the morning and stopped in a small town after a little while. First stop to hop on or off, but since I hadn't much time, I was going to stay on the bus all the way to Broome. Which on one hand was a shame, cause my ticket was valid for six months and the west coast is sooo beautiful. On the other hand, I got to know Sandy and Tanae and they're really good people!

This was the bus we spent a week on:

We went to the Pinnacles

They're really beautiful. In was almost a bit mysterious cause it was raining and it created a strange atmosphere.

And we went to national parks..
Me in Nature's Window

Took heaps of pictures of flowers...

Saw animals:
Dolphins at Monkey MiaDSCN3207.JPG



Wild horses

Lots of beautiful landscapes..
Ghost gum

Sunrise at Auski at 6 am...

We went snorkelling at Turquoise Bay.

The current there is so strong that all you have to do is walk up the beach, get in the water and let it carry down to the other end of the beach. No swimming; more focus on fish and coral!

We went to Eighty mile beach, which unfortunalety has so strong current that you can't swim.. But you can relax, enjoy the view and collect shells.

In Broome we went out to see the dinosaur prints and the sun set over Cable beach.

Later that night we went to see the staircase to the moon...

And the next day I saw camels!!

It was a really good trip, so good actually that I wouldn't mind doing it again!

And I wouldn't mind going back to Perth either.. It would be awesome if I got to meet Sandy and Tanae again. Miss you guys!

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Down Under

..diving on the reef


Yesterday I went diving for the first time in my life, it was awesome!! Really cool.

I snorkelled for a while and saw lots of stripy fish. Took a few pictures, I'd bought an underwater camera. But I can't afford to get them developed yet.. Just bought a trip to the west coast and that was the rest of my savings... It better be worth it!!!

I actually can't wait to go... I'm leaving tomorrow. Flying to Perth and then taking a bus up to Broome. Then I fly from Broome to Darwin to meet up with Heidi. I'm really starting to look forward to seing her again. It'll be nice.. Had a hard time making up my mind on where to go and which direction, but my purse finally made that choice for me, hehe. And then my dad will come a month later! That's gonna be really, really nice..

But back to diving.
I went out with a boat called Osprey (the down under diving company)and that was really good. Snorkelled and dived and ate lots of nice food.. It's really a nice experience to see the reef from below, not like from above...

Gotto go now, out of internet credit..

Talk later! By then I'll be in Darwin...

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sunny 25 °C

I have been camping!! In a tent! Not something I do too often. Unfortunately... It was actually very nice.

We drove for a while before we stoppet at Woolworths to get some food and after that; the bottle shop!

Then we headed for the mountains to find a camping ground and set up the tent before it got too dark.
It gets pretty dark here pretty fast, so lucky us had candles! ;)

We camped near some beautiful falls, which I of course have forgotten the name of... But it is the tallest single drop fall in Australia. (278 meters or something..)
Although it doesn't really look that tall on my pictures...

We went for a walk before dinner up to the fall, the moon was full and made the landscape blue.. Too bad my camera doesn't take good night photos, it was magnificant! Breathtaking.. And the water made sooo much noice it's unbelieveble! Everything else was quiet and we were the only people there.. Quite magic..

The next day we went back again to get a look at the falls in daylight and to walk down to the bottom of the gorge. It was a 1.7km (each way) steep walk and that's hot in the tropics!!

But worth it of course..


We went to some other waterfalls before we went home, but it wasn't quiet the same...

Hopefully I can go camping again sometime soon, and then it would be nice to spend a little bit more than one night in the bush.. :)

All well though, I've not been bitten by spiders or snakes. Not eaten by a croc, or attacked by a cassowary: perfect trip!

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On the road again


I left Airlie one fine Friday and set off to Magnetic Island with Em, Andrew and Zac. Full moon party here we come!
We had a really good trip up to Townsville, but there it started to get tricky.. I'm not the only person who's born 15 minutes too late.. We nearly missed the last ferry over to Maggie, but made it in time cause we didn't pay for parking.. Luckily there was no ticket waiting when we came back.. Puh. Then Em managed to forget her handbag on the bus.. Zac to the rescue, she got it back after less than half an hour, with everything still in it! Lucky girl..

The party was good, the island better. Had a great time, met a lot of funny people, but boy it was hard to go back to being a regular backpacker after living in Airlie for so long. Back in Townsville again it was time to say goodbye to the boys. It was quite sad cause I don't know when I'll see them again, but at least we've had a really good time.

Next stop was Mission Beach to do some white water rafting. The highlight of the trip for Em and myself. We had great weather and a good team, awesome day on the river! And yes, we did get wet.. Both Em and I forgot to bring extra shoes, so we had to walk barefoot the rest of the day.. Rafting is something I wouldn't mind doing again! I'll definately find myself a river to raft when I get back home..

Next stop was Cairns, which has sort of been my goal destination in Australia. Beautiful city. Although it didn't quite catch me.. A bit "touristy". It's bigger than Airlie, and that was strange in the beginning, I didn't quite know where to start to get to know the town, but by the time I left again I'd managed not to get lost too many times a day, hehe.

While I was in Cairns I went to Cape Tribulation to see the rainforest. I'm really glad I did, it was beautiful.
I met some nice people and we went sea kayaking and horsebackriding on the beach.

Taking a picture of myself trying not to drop the camera in the water..

Beach at cape trib


Back in Cairns I didn't really know what to do next or where to go.. But even though Cairns isn't a huge city (it only has about 130 000 people), it was bigger then I preferred at the moment, so I decided to go back to Mission beach again. And here I am! It's small and peaceful and I love it! Didn't really get to see the beach properly the last time, so now I'm enjoying it to the full!

Borrowed a bike. Good fun. More fun if it had an engine.. ;)

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Leaving Airlie..

I can't believe the day is finally approaching..

sunny 25 °C

I have been here for two months now, and really enjoyed it, even though it's the smallest town I've ever stayed in.

I came in to work this morning, just in time as I overslept... (It's amazing how hard it is to go to work after having a weekend off..) I think I was still asleep when I came in today and tried to find my name on a board. (That's how I know where I'll be working that day) I couldn't find it, so I went to my boss and asked where I was going to work, and she sent me home! So my last day at work was Friday. I wish she told me on Friday.. Then I could've stayed in bed this morning istead of rushing in to work.. Ah, well. At least I got up to enjoy this beautiful day!

Part of me actually doesn't want to leave this place now. I know so many people and I know all about this place. Well, there you go, that's a reason for leaving, go get to know another part of Australia! But it will be sad to leave my friends behind.. Especially since I don't know if I'll ever see them again. It's different to leave your home and your friends and family cause you know you'll be coming back to them..

So now I have to go find myself a place to stay. As I do not longer work here and accomodation was part of my paycheck, I have no room anymore. Well, that is: I do, but then I would have to pay for it. I'll go see if any of my friends want a new roommate for a couple of days! I can clean at least, hehe. Don't know about my cooking skills though, so I don't think I have too much to brag about. Yesterday I was making corn cob for dinner and I guess I had it on too hot, there was cooking oil splashing around everywhere, you couldn't see anything because of all the smoke in the room and my cob was black. I had to open the door and put the fan on full to get the smoke out.. My friend was not impressed.. But it tasted lovely, so you didn't see me complaining! ;)

I'm off to the beach now, so I'll write more later, can't stay inside in this gorgeous weather!

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More pics

Airlie beach

A nice afternoon spent at Abel point marina

Sunset at Abel point

Sunscreen for those who spend A LOT of time in the sun

Stones at Coral beach

Baby lizzard

Tiril did my hair!

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