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Visiting Jesus in Mexico

sunny 27 °C

I don´t even know where to start..
Jesus came and picked me up from the airport and took me home to meet his brother and cousin, then we all went to eat tacos! Real Mexican tacos are the best!!!
I don´t know how I´ll survive without Mexican food when I get home..

He´s taken me to meet his family, see some of the Mexican "countryside", we´ve partyed with his friends and gone to a soccergame. This week he´s been working a lot, so he sent me out with his brother one day and his mum the other day. We´ve been to museums, cathedrals and basilikas. I´ve seen the virgin of Guadalupe and the biggest flag ever!
Monday I went to Taxco, which is a silver mining city build in the mountains. Very, very beautiful. And on that tour i didn´t meet another Aussie like I usually do, but a Norwegian girl! And her dad is from the same country the dad of the English guy I went to Samoa with is from, Guyana! How many funny coincidents... Well, funny for me anyway.

And yesterday I went to the hairdresser to give my poor hair some treatment that it desperately needed. I haven´t cut it since Rod cut it in September.. So, as usual, the girl cut waaaay too much, and I now have a Mexican hair style... It´s not too bad, but it´s very depressing to have "short" hair again.. I hate hairdressers..

Tomorrow I´m going to the pyramids with one of Jusus´ friends and then it´s partytime!
Right now the family dog, Jeffery, is scuirming on the floor trying to get some attention so I´ll pet her. Yes, it´s a girl. And her nickname is Cachu, which is the noise she makes when she sneezes, haha.
And their Cuban grandfather is sleeping behind me pretending to watch tv. I tell ya, if I can´t be with my family at the moment, this is the second best option! They are so friendly.
And they have a housekeeper that cleans and cooks, I don´t even get to put away my plates, she gets all upset and says "no, no" waving her hands. I could get used to that.. ;)

It´s been so good to stay with a family here, they tell me where I can go, what is safe and where the best places to buy souvenirs etc are.
The streets are crampacked with Mexicans trying to sell all sorts of stuff to make a living. It´s almost impossible to drive a car through the city center. And take my word for it, the traffic is crazy in this city as it is! Jesus claims that if you can drive in Mexico city, you can drive anywhere in the world, very true. It´s absolut madness!

It´s not exactly a safe city, but we live in a neighbourhood that is protected by fences, gates, security personnel and cameras. It´s a shame that it has to be like this, but believe me it´s necessary. So many people are kidnapped every year for ransom, it´s scary. And a lot of them don´t survive because they might recognise them..

I´m really glad I have Jesus!
Next stop is L.A. (again), my relative wants me to meet her son... And then I fly to London to get rid of any jetlag so I´ll be fit for fight when I get home, hehe!

But now I have to go, ´cause Jesus is finally home!!!

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Land of All (must be what the "L" and the "A" stand for..)

At the airport in L.A. I said goodbye to Shaun, he'd gotten himself a new girl to tag along with him, hehe. And I was picked up by my relative, Ann.
She and her husband have let me stay in their home, they've taken me out for dinner and shown me Hollywood, Bevery Hills, Rodeo drive and much more. Tehy've been so nice to me. One morning Ann and I went to her tennis club up in the hills where I got to work out a bit, swim in the pool, sit in the spa and relax in the sauna while she played tennis! Good deal for me, hey.

Today I've been to Disneyland! It was so different to what I'd expected, much smaller and lots less funrides. But I had a great time, wouldn't mind taking the Indiana Jones ride again! :) Hadn't nearly enough time to do all the things I wanted to, it's a really great place for kids. Especially the small ones... ;)

When I got back Ann and David took me out for dinner so I could meet their daughter and son-in-law. That was lovely. We took some photos so I can show my grandparents whom they stayed with when they visited Norway.
Ann wanted me to meet her son as well, but he's busy trying to become a fireman. (Another fireman, how funny!) She thought it would be fun for me 'cause he lives with four other single guys or something.. Wow, hey? Maybe not, it sounds a bit like trouble if I think about it..

Well, I'm off to Mexico City tomorrow which I'm really looking forward to. And if I'm lucky, Jesus will come and pick me up from the airport. He told me to be prepared to party... Hope he's not taking me straight from the airport to a Mexican party!! The girls there really know how to look stunning..

I've been on this computer way too long, so I'm gonna crawl into bed.
Have a magical night everyone!

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Samoa Samoa!!

A small paradise on earth

It's funny how I always seems to write when I'm about to travel to my next destination. Tomorrow I'm going to Mexico! :)

But here's an update from last time..
My English travelmate, Shaun (who is a firefighter(how cool is that??)), left Tonga and went to Samoa. We crossed the dateline and magically got Tuesday all over again! Fun!

Samoa was as we were told, possibly better than Tonga. We stayed in Apia (the caitol) on Upolo for a couple of days before we took the ferry to the other island, Savaii. There we stayed at a place called Jane's Beach Fale. Fales are really cool beach houses that are made out of wood, bamboo or something and straw.. Quite hard to explain, but photos will come later. I had my own fale about three metres from the beach. It was colder taking a shower than swimming in the ocean..

One day we went for a very strenious walk to see the craterman. We've been told to visit this person by a facinating woman that lives in Tahiti where she tries to save white faced monkeys..
It was hard and hot, but Shaun and Kyle (a Canadian we met at Jane's) were good company. At the top we met craterman who walked us the final bit up to the crater. He put a flower behind my ear and made me a glorie out of some kind of bush, I looked a bit like Jesus.. He called me the craterprincess... I was warned before I got there that he is looking for a craterwoman, so I did not get too flattered by these gestures. The boys found it hilarious though, as they would.

I swore after the Tongariro crossing that I would do no more hiking, but after the craterwalk I had to swear again, definately no more walking!!
The next day we decided to go to some waterfalls called Afu Aau. We got a lift real close by a German guy. But don't you know it! We had to WALK to the waterfall through privat land in cowcrap and wet grass. We ended up taking our thongs off cause otherwise it was too slippery.
It was worth it though, the waterfall was magnificant! And it had a natural pool that we swam in and jumped off cliffs.. It was pooring down, so we were the only ones there which was quite a blessing.
We got wet to the bone trying to get back, I've never seen such rain!

We had brilliant weather one day, the day we left.. Still had a really great time.
One evening we went next door to see a fiafia-show. Girls dancing tradtional Samoan dances and boys doing a firedance. Truly amazing! I have to back and see some more firedance-shows!!!! In fact, it should be a weekly broadcast from a Samoan show on NrK every Saturday!! I might have to write them a letter..

So I was really sad leaving Samoa. (Deja-vu... I feel like I've written something similar a couple of times before..)

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Malo e lelei!!

rain 30 °C

Which means hi in Tongan.

What a different country. It's a tiny kingdom, but the king here is one of the most powerful in the world. He appoints the government, the prime minister (which is usually his son), the works. Hence the riots in November when the last king died, people want to be a part of the decision-making.

The Tongan people aren't very rich, quite the opposite in fact, but they seem happy even so. Captain Cook named it the friendly islands for a reason I guess.
Although, I'm not always sure wether they are friendly or making fun of me.. I just smile anyway, it seems to go down well, hehe.

The Christian missionaries have had theirs to say here as well, so everyone has to wear clothes when thay go swimming, exept kids of course, and it's totally ridiculous. Just the main island has about 46 mormon churches alone! And if I remember correctly, there's about 100.000 Tongans alltogether.. Really weird. So Sundays are quiet, everyone's at church, singing.
And both men and women wear skirts here, people working for the government (and probably others as well, hard to tell) also wear straw mats around their waists. I quite like it.

I've been on an island tour by bus, which seemed more like a spot-the-mormon-church-tour. And an island day trip out to Royal Sunset where I went snorkelling and saw the biggest clam shells I've ever seen in my life! That's also where I first saw pigs running around free. Chickens, pigs and stray dogs all run around in the streets like they own the place.

I'm afraid I don't have all that many photos, it's been pissing down the last few days and then it's hard to take pics without getting the camera wet.. I'll try harder on Samoa.
Which is where I'm going tonight! I met an English guy who's going as well, he's also going to L.A. the same day as me so we can travel together. Makes the flight less boring.

Gotta go get my things, time to go to the airport.
It would be sad to leave these friendly people, palm trees and frangipanis, sandy beaches and crystal clear waters if I wasn't told that where I'm going next is much better!
What a hard life...

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Leaving NZ..

all this leaving is going on my nerves!!

semi-overcast 25 °C

I'm at the airport in Auckland at the moment. Flew in from Christchurch at three, and my flight to Tonga leaves at ten, so it's quite a wait.. But I'm lucky to have found free internet here to keep me occupied!

The south island was just as good as the north, in a completely different way! It looks a lot like the west coast back home.
I've been really boring and not done a lot of activities, but after getting a cold I haven't been feeling to well. Hopefully I'll be alright, cause I forgot to get vacsinated.. Hmm.. Not very bright of me, but ah well. Hopefully I'll live, hehe!

We had a different driver in the south, and funnily enough, we knew heaps of the same people from Mission Beach, he had been a river guide while I lived there. How strange!

And we weren't three from the north island, there were two sweet Swedish girls travelling south as well. And we've had so much fun together.
We had a crossdressing party in Barrytown, where I got to dress up as a bus driver. We sat fire on our sambuca shots and the Irsih lad was dancing on the bar wearing only pink bathers! The next morning, Sheena and I dragged ourself out of bed to go bonecarving. I've made a beautiful wave that Rik was really jealous of, him not being able to get out of bed and all, hehe.

After that we had some good days in the wilderness before making it to adrenaline capital of the world, Queenstown. Lots to do and it's all quite expensive. Next time I'll travel with a mate and I'll do it all!!! Not enough time this around.

So now my NZ adventures are over, and it's very, very sad. If you have never travelled like this you have no idea how hard it is to constantly meet people you really hit it off with for so to leave them. I guess I just have to come back and do it all again.. ;)

Next adventure; Tonga. Can't wait to chill out on a pacific beach....
See ya soon!

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The beginning of the end

At the airport in Auckland they of course had to take my coconut off me which I have been carrying around Oz for 8 months to bring home as a souvenir.. Not a good start, but there were better days to come!

Auckland wasn't anything really special, just ok. But I only stayed a night and then the Stray bus came and picked me up the next morning.
It wasn't the best bus I've been on, crew wise, but there were some champion people onbord. To Irish girls that I already miss terribly, an English fella, the bus driver and a few more people...

I'm in Wellington (the capital) at the moment, going from the north to the south island tomorrow, and now there's only three of us left.. Hopefully there will be more lovely people on the other side.

First stop was Hahei were we went to a hot beach, dug a hole in the sand and sat in hot water. The north island is full of active vulcanos....

We've seen a rock shaped as a whale's tail in Ragland (a town which has maybe the best surf in NZ), been to a maori show in Rotorua, I've skydived 15.000ft in Taupo and walked the 17km Tongariro crossing at the bottom of Mt.Doom (from Lord of the Rings) It's really been amazing, especially the skydive! Unreal. I'll do it again as soon as I can!

I 've not had any big accidents, just a few blisters and sore legs from the hike and a sore throut. Although, my little waxing experiment in Perth has given me a bit of trouble from time to time. I was waxing my legs when I got boiling wax on my thumb. Which again created the biggest blister I have ever seen in my entire life! I'm gonna be scarred for life! And I'm actually a little proud of it, it gets out the funniest reactions from people, hehe.

But it's all good. I'm still having fun and really looking forward to the south.
Hope everything is well back home, getting a bit excited about coming home now...

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Leaving Oz!!! :(

I left Alice after only a week, road trip sounded more exciting! I really enjoyed Alice, had an awesome time there, but when I got the opportunity to go to Perth again I couldn't say no.

So off we went! And this wasn't thought through properly, we thought it'd be more fun that way. So monday morning the boys, to my surprise, started packing the car. A couple of hours later we were on the road. With little money and an oil leak that we only found out about the last day we had to give The Rock a miss for this time... Too bad when I was that close, but we're talking a 500km detour! And my mate had just broken his rib jumping into the water from a 20 m high cliff the day before..
So we drove and drove, through red sand, burning sun and the world's most annoying flies! They crawl everywhere!

My mates are very impulsive, and don't always prefer to plan things, which meant that we had an empty jerrycan in the boot..
We just made it to Coober Pedy, but not all the way into the servo station, so we had to push the care, AND the trailer, into the servo to fuel up. At least we made it...

We ended up camping at Streaky Bay on the South Australian coast after 15 hours of driving. I slept in a swag (slags sovepose) on the back of the trailer under the full moon, beautful as only nature can be.

Back in Perth we stayed with my mate's family whick are a crazy bunch, but very lovely! They made me scrambled eggs for brekky every day!

I got to meet up with Sandy and Tanea again, from my Perth-Broome tour up WA, and that was great! Sandy and I went to Rottnest to see the great channel swim, which unfortunately was cancelled, but we had a great time anyway. Rotto is a beautiful little island!

But after a few weeks of relaxing, going to the beach (the whitest beaches I have ever seen) and eating home made meals, it was time to go to Sydney.

Saturday was Mardi Gras and that was pretty crazy. I have never seen so many fit, half naked, gorgeous men dance to Kylie Minogue in my life! Quite an experience, I tell ya!

And for the first time of leaving a place in Oz, there was noone to send be off and say goodbye. A bit sad since I was leaving the country, but at least I've been lucky to have had friends take me to airport etc to say goodbye throughout Australia!

It was so sad to leave, but the bright side was that a new adventure was just around the corner..

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Red center

Alice Springs

sunny 44 °C

I'm sitting in an internet cafe and sweating like a pig. Someone said it was 44 degrees today, and it sure feels like it! Thank goodness it's dry here.

If this was Darwin I'd be flat out.

The heat in Alice is quite pleasant actually, especially when you don't have to work... ;) It reminds me a bit of Greece mid summer actually. And I finally feel like I'm on holiday. I love this!!!

It was really good to see my mate Justin again. He lives at a caravan park with another mate at the moment, working here. I love living at a caravan park merely for the fact that it feels like living outdoors. If I want to take a shower I have to walk to the shower block (which I for once don't hva to clean..), it's only a short stroll, but a nice breeze hits you on the way and you smell the flowers and trees. Lovely.

We just decided that it's about time to leave Alice. Even though I just got here, I'm always up for a road trip! Particularly one without much planning. Last minute adventures are always the best.
So the guys are taking me out for a bit of sightseeing this weekend around Alice and then we pack our bags and leave. They've already promised to stop at the Rock and the Olgas since we're so close. It's only a 500km detour... ;)

Than we head south for a bit and hope to be in Perth in about two weeks. I never thought I'd see Perth again so soon, but I'm stoked that I get to meet Tanae and Sandy again!

I'll try to keep yous updated, but I doubt that I'll be near internet until I get to Perth. We'll see.

By the way, thanks to everyone that sends me e-mails! It's so nice to hear what's going on in your lives! And good to know you still think of me...

Savner alle mine venner og hele min familie... Gleder meg masse til a se dere alle igjen snart!!! Just one more month left in Australia, it'll be a bittersweet goodbye.. Someone seriously have to invent a machine that can take people from one place to another at the speed of a thought.. Preferably with unlimeted luggage capacity, hehe.

Suss og klem!

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Goodbye Darwin

sunny 44 °C

I don't know if I'll ever have enough time to write down everything I'd like to share with you...

Two months in Darwin and I've hardly written at all, too busy living I guess. I've adapted to the Aussie lifestyle by now, life is pretty crusie..

It's hard to have left Darwin and sit back and think of everything I've done. There's so much, Christmas, New year, catching up with old friends, making new...

Christmas was very different. Worked dayshift and almost forgot that it was Christmas eve cause no-one here celebrates it. So that evening I ended up watching dvds at a Simon's place. He's a real good friend of mine that I've had so much fun with. I once told him that he looks like the little pet monkey I was glued to as a kid until I lost it on a bus in Greece when I was about five. (I guess I wasn't glued to it after all..) So what does he get me for Christmas? Yup, his pet monkey that he's had since he was a kid. How nice was that?!
Christmas day I had lunch at the pub with all the regulars.. Very, very nice actually. Great food! I can't believe Mark threw out all the leftovers!! I wanted those spuds for brekky!!!!

New years eve I was working again, and the following morning as well, so Gary and I took it easy. Went to Dinah beach for a few drinks and a laugh. Saw Penguinman and bellydancing girls. Counted down the end of the year, welcomed the new and went to bed. Pretty much..

I never got the chance to go pig-hunting. Not really sure if I wanted to anyway.. Didn't go Barra fishin either, but you've gotta save somthing for next time, hey?
Went fishin one day though, didn't catch anything, so it was mostly a chill and sunbake day. Very, very nice. Went for a swim and ate chicken wings. :)

My ear seems to dislike any other water but what comes out of the shower, but luckily my friend the fisherman has got heaps of creams an shit that worked miracles. I'm forever grateful for his care.

I owe a lot of thanks to many people in Darwin actually, time went so quickly, and it wouldn't have unless I had so much fun.
And I must remember to thank my stars as well for keeping me out of trouble.

I was riding a push bike home one night after visiting a mate, when the chain hopped off.. Right outside Bagot community. It is a black fella community where you, as a female especially, don't want to hang around by yourself at night. So I turned around to go back to my friend's to get help with the chain when the whole back wheel fell off as well!! I was flabbergasted and had no idea what to do. Then a cop car came by and offered me and the bike a lift back to Winnellie. I couldn't think of a safer way to get home. How lucky was that?

Aussies in general are real friendly people. I'm amazed...

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Leaving Darwin

for good....

I'm sooooo sad!!!

Just a week left in Darwin and I might never see the place again!

I left Mission beach and went to see me mate Andrew in Townsville again. We had heaps of fun, but I sort of had to keep moving, get a job and all that. So I went to the place where I knew I had lots of friends; Darwin.

And it didn't dissapoint me, I've had so much fun hey.

Got a ride with a truck driver up here, he's a really nice guy. He even let me drive his road train for a few km, it's a huge 3 trailer, 43m long truck! Good fun.

I got me old job back at the pub, and have lived and worked here for more than a month now. It's home to me.

I've met so many lovely people here, it's unbelieveble. I'll write some stories later, now I've gotto go again. Sitting in the bottle-o waiting for it to close. Which it just did!

Talk to ya later!!!
Love you all...
And miss yous...

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